alexander shevyakov
Is designing the future
of Business App at Sberbank
Mobile App for Android
Sberbank Business Online
Mobile App for Android
Which icon do you prefer?
The product and system icons set for Sberbank Business Online App.
Please, choose your color!
The color palette and the main colors of Sberbank Business Online App.
What about deposits?
Design the calculator and deposit request interface.
App for Android is available for free on the Google Play.
Logotype. Graphic Design
Industrial & Civil Construction
Logo, Web, iOS, Android app
MegaHash App
Степень участия
"Incredible application" – Apple
Web, iOS, Android app
TokenHub App
Степень участия
Logo, Web, iOS, Android app
YottaHash App
Степень участия
Concept app. BHSAD
Time To Eat
Степень участия
Time To Eat
The App Concept that allows you to find the dish you dreamed about not the place.
TV Rain
The App Concept App for TV Rain brief.
Vodafone App
The application team concept for a semester for Vodafone App for IOS.
Alexander shevyakov
Hello, I'm a designer
I have a critical access to everything in my work and it helps to influence product development positively. We analyse how people conceive and information to develop and comprehend improve our product.

Three years ago, critically evaluated my knowledge, I decided to move to the field of creating mobile applications and working on the product. My experience in programming, creating websites and work as a graphic designer helped me to establish myself as a product designer of mobile app.

Phone: +7 903 160-18 68
The New Black Square
"The art knows neither light nor darkness, they both make the contrast creating beauty. There is no white or black. The Art - it is everywhere." – Malevich