Why is a man on a mountain?
Goal: Prepare the app for a new style as part of the overall banking rebranding.

Users: Individual entrepreneurs, accountants, small and medium businesses.

Why: The world is changing and we are changing.

My role: Lead Designer of Mobile channel.

Agile. Working in close collaboration with a small team of product owner, IT and QA engineers to improve new experience.

Updated the application for iOS (+iWatch) and Android (+Tablet) is exactly on time!
How It Was
The Malachite
Changed the Color Set - Primary color from Emerald to Malachite
New old icons
We have translated more than 500 types of icons into vector format (svg, pdf) to repaint them with code. After that we changed the color of the icons - two-color to new brand color Malachite.
New Logo
Changed the Name, Logo and App icons. Renamed app name – Sberbank Business Online to SberBusiness
The man
The bank is changing, and with it are added branded elements, such as an animated radar. A special screen was created after authorization.