Mobile App
App in the Air
Product Designer
I believe i can fly
Updated search results feed
This way, and then this way
Search for airline tickets across multiple cities and different dates
Where what when?
Interactive widget for Android
App for Android and iOS is available for free on the Google Play & Apple Store
Mobile App
Product Designer
Updated the app as part of the Bank's overall rebranding.
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The world's first business app for the largest bank in Russia in a dark mode.
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Batch signing of payments using a cloud signature.
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Time for tea and a report
Create and manage scheduled statements easily and simply.
What about deposits?
Design the calculator and deposit request interface.
The same list of ...
Transaction history, payments, requests, emails, transactions, and transfers.
Which icon do you prefer?
The product and system icons set
More than 1 000 icons for the marketplace and app SberBusiness.
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Success subscribe
User interaction micro-animation
App for Android and iOS is available for free on the Google Play & Apple Store
Fishing Club – Сarass
Graphic Designer
Logotype. Graphic Design
Quattro Project
Graphic Designer
Industrial & Civil Construction
Graphic Designer
Industrial And Civil Construction
Creation Logo for Industrial and Civil Construction company.
The Logo for the United company of lawyers Marat Agabalyan and Ivan Tertychny.
The set of logos created by me during my work with different companies.
Logo, Web, Mobile App
MegaHash App
UX/UI Designer
"Incredible application" – Apple
Web, iOS, Android App
TokenHub App
UX/UI Designer
Logo, Web, Mobile App
YottaHash App
UX/UI Designer
Concept App. BHSAD
Time To Eat
Product Designer
Time To Eat
The App Concept that allows you to find the dish you dreamed about not the place.
TV Rain
The App Concept App for TV Rain brief.
Vodafone App
The application team concept for a semester for Vodafone App for IOS.
Alexander shevyakov
Hello, I'm a designer
Product designer with over 8 years of experience in mobile app development. I have knowledge in user experience (UX), process design, and analytical skills. Accomplishments include:

- Worked my way up from junior android app designer to lead designer for the mobile department of the largest bank in eastern Europe;
- Developed complex solutions for FinTech, controlled their release and formulated hypotheses for product improvements;
- Created design systems for large projects with multiple products;
- Participated in the hiring and mentoring of designers;
- Worked closely with developers to ensure layout validation and smooth integration of design decisions;
- Developed all application logic from scratch, analyzed direct and indirect competitors, conducted in-depth interviews, usability tests and surveys, and shaped the MVP.

In the process of creating interfaces, I think critically about each solution, which helps me prioritize between business and design.
The New Black Square
"The art knows neither light nor darkness, they both make the contrast creating beauty. There is no white or black. The Art - it is everywhere." – Malevich
Mobile phone: +7 903 160-18 68