Goal: To add the ability to sign all payments in a single SMS package or using biometrics.

Users: Individual entrepreneurs, accountants, small and medium-sized businesses.

Why: By implementing the "Cloud Electronic Signature" service, we got the opportunity to sign all payments in batches.

My role: Product designer.

Team: Agile. Working closely with a small team: product owner, IT and QA engineers, analyst and designer.

Result: Successfully implemented and replicated in several federal districts.
Part 1
Test Task
In the process of market research, a test task was invented. In addition, this period coincided with the search for a designer in the Core team of the mobile cluster.
Out of 14, only two designers received an offer, but their solutions did not go to the prom, because there is a nuance about which they could not know …
Part 2
Design process
We know the total amount of all payments and their number. We know how much he chose and the amount selected. But …
We upload in batches (for example, 20 payments each),
we can't upload everything at once.

It turns out batch signing of packages …
Therefore, the client needs to show the total number of all payments for signature.
All screens, states and the elaborated Flow are ready and submitted for development in the fall of 2020.
Taking into account all the introductory, business requirements and limitations of the platform, we got a solution that solved all the problems for 100% of customers!
This functionality works only after the activation of the Enhanced Electronic Signature service and is replicated to a limited audience (as of May 2021).